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Sewer Line Repairs

In some cases when we camera a sewer line we find a sewer break that caused a backup. In this case we locate the break with our locator equipment. If the line is in the yard, we can dig up the line for access and make a repair. If in a crawl space access under a home, we can make repairs in this space. The worst-case scenario is when a break is under the home. For this type of repair there are two options. One we jack hammer the floor for access or two we tunnel under the home to make repairs. Don’t worry whatever your situation is our licensed plumber have the tools and knowledge to get your repairs done right.

Two-Way Cleanout Installation

Every home should have a two-way cleanout installed on their home. In most cases this eliminates a sewer machine being brought into your home. This equipment is dirty and carries germs, we would rather keep it out of your home if possible. Even though this is the main reason for a two-way cleanout it also allows any testing on the sewer system to be done also.

Sewer Line Replacement

rusted water line buried underground
Some of the homes in our area have an older sewer systems like cast iron, concrete, and clay piping. These types of materials have lasted past their lifetime and its time to be updated to PVC a more reliable piping. Some companies use a cheaper material called Foam Core or Cellular Core piping to save money. This piping is not as reliable as SCH 40 PVC which is the material we use to replace sewer lines to a home. When it comes to sewer line replacement, we provide options for yard line replacement or under home replacements.

Water Line Repair

broken water line with water coming out through the cracks
We provide water repair services for all you home plumbing. If you ever had a high-water bill this is usually a sign you have a water leak somewhere. When you call us to your home our techs can evaluate your home to decide where you might have a leak and decide what the best solution would be to make repairs. Our repairs consist of yard line repairs, under home repairs, slab leak repairs, frozen pipes and any small repairs. If you think you have a leak, give us a call for a free visit.

Water Line Replacement

Some of the homes in our area have and older water system like galvanize or in some cases copper lines. Galvanize water lines are very outdate and can also begin to flake. This can cause more issues in your plumbing system if the flakes end up inside your fixtures. These types of materials have lasted past their lifetime and its time to be updated to PEX water lines a more reliable piping. PEX water lines have become a material used on most new homes. PEX can be installed with less fittings which means less wear and tear. PEX can also expand 5 times its size. If this pipe freezes it doesn’t break like copper and flood your home. If you need a free evaluation, call us and we can look over your water system and decide if your lines need replacement.
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The Logical Membership

Our Logical Membership provides our customers with a sense of security for their home. This membership is for our most loyal customers who want to save money while ensuring their plumbing is safe and working correctly. Our membership includes:

  • 1 Annual Water Heater Flush (end of membership, must pay full year to be eligible)
  • 1 House Inspection, including Camera Inspection from Ground Clean-outs (end of membership, must pay full year to be eligible)
  • 15% off each visit (up to $300 per visit)
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty for work performed, applicable as long as membership is held (excludes Sewer Cleaning)
  • Listed Member for Priority Call
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