Sewer Services

Sewer Services

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You don't get stuck with a bill unless we go to work. That's just simple logic!

Drain Cleaning

Nobody likes having a backed-up drain. If it is a toilet, sink, shower or a whole house back up our team has the tools to restore flow to your entire system. Our cleaning is backed with a 30-day warranty.

Camera Inspections

We offer camera inspections of your home sewer system to evaluate for damaged sewer lines. This is helpful when a repair is needed to get your sewer system back to normal. We also offer a free camera inspection with every cable cleaning of 2’’ to 4’’ sewer lines.
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The Logical Membership

Our Logical Membership provides our customers with a sense of security for their home. This membership is for our most loyal customers who want to save money while ensuring their plumbing is safe and working correctly. Our membership includes:

  • 1 Annual Water Heater Flush (end of membership, must pay full year to be eligible)
  • 1 House Inspection, including Camera Inspection from Ground Clean-outs (end of membership, must pay full year to be eligible)
  • 15% off each visit (up to $300 per visit)
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty for work performed, applicable as long as membership is held (excludes Sewer Cleaning)
  • Listed Member for Priority Call
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