Repairs & Installations

Repairs and Installations

Free Estimates

You don't get stuck with a bill unless we go to work. That's just simple logic!

Toilet Installation

Did you know most builders install what we call builder-grade toilets? These toilets are a cheap option to help houses sell. They often have terrible flushes that result in back-ups, and nobody likes having a backed-up toilet. If you're tired of your old, outdated toilet and want a more reliable installation, give us a call!

Faucet Repairs

Have a faucet that won’t stop dripping? We provide services to ensure your faucet doesn’t leak. Whether it’s a sink faucet or a shower faucet, we can help fix your issues.

Faucet Installation

Need to update or replace a broken faucet? PlumbLogic replaces sink faucets and shower faucets!

Disposal Repairs

You know it never fails when you are making a large family meal and the disposal just decides to shut down. In some cases, it can be a minor repair but either way we can get your disposal going again.

Disposal Installation

Time for a new disposal? We can help! We provide top of the line disposal brand options. We can provide you a free estimate and most cases have it installed same day.

Dishwasher Installation

You want someone that is licensed to handle making proper connections to your dishwasher? That’s us. If you need a dishwasher replaced, we can haul off the old dishwasher and replace with your new dishwasher.

The Logical Membership

Our Logical Membership provides our customers with a sense of security for their home. This membership is for our most loyal customers who want to save money while ensuring their plumbing is safe and working correctly. Our membership includes:

  • 1 Annual Water Heater Flush (end of membership, must pay full year to be eligible)
  • 1 House Inspection, including Camera Inspection from Ground Clean-outs (end of membership, must pay full year to be eligible)
  • 15% off each visit (up to $300 per visit)
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty for work performed, applicable as long as membership is held (excludes Sewer Cleaning)
  • Listed Member for Priority Call
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